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The words you'll use daily at Experience House

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Everyone has their go-to words that make our conversations easier. In most industries, businesses will develop acronyms and abbreviations to make even conversations more efficient, cause you know, capitalism. But this is more of a post about some fun words that we've been using around our Coliving Experience House then it is a piece against economic theories. Is this a tool for aspiring experience designers? Or is it more for those of us that were there to get a little laugh over? Either way, I enjoy these terms, and I'm sure we'll be using them more in our daily lives.


To sync with someone is more than just a meeting, it's getting on the same page. Often times we find that we need to sync on a program we're collaborating on, or a project we've been working on separately, but need feedback. Used in a sentence;

"Hey Sam, do we have a plan for this week's Fuego Talks? Let's sync on it later. "


When you host an event, be it a play or a dinner party, there is usually a central focal area that people either congregate, or observe. in a decentralized space, the event is all around you. Think of a meal where there were way too many people, and your guests resorted to sitting in the living room, outside, in your bed....that's a decentralized event.


It's electric! grounding is used when someone either feels stable, or needs to feel stable. In most cases, it comes from a desire to slow down, and take a breath. One who is grounding is usually a character that is relaxed, and soothing to be around. They are level headed, steady, and inspire confidence in group settings.


How much can you handle on your plate at once? Bouncing from a mastermind workshop to an inversion class, a quick 1 on 1 and then rolling into the evening dinner adventure leaves little free time for us to "decompress." Your bandwidth is the amount of time and energy you allocate per day to your priorities. Mental, physical, spiritual or professional, we are all here to work on ourselves. But we can't do it all in a day.

Holding Space

The art of making time for someone else is not easy. Throughout our various activities there are several characters that fill the role of supporter; they act as a rock for others to lean on throughout a challenge. Holding space is the selfless act of setting intentional time for another to share their feelings, tell their story, or vent about their frustrations. Active listening is so important here. But holding space doesn't just refer to a one sided conversation, as the space could be completely silent. Sometimes the company of another is enough to heal.

Book Time

This one is pretty straight forward. It's your 1 on 1 meeting that allows you time to be intentional about your conversation. It could be a chance to deepen your connection with someone, or talk shop, ask for help, all that fun stuff.


If you want something done, make it happen! Doocracy is the attitude and spirit you take into the house. It's where if you feel something is lacking or needs to change, take it on yourself to make it happen. The only rule is it cannot be permanent, and must be able to be undone. If you move furniture for an event and "Set Lock" it for a few days, that's totally fine! As long as it can be put back together.


There is no pressure here at experience house. We do not endorse fomo. Everyone knows there limits and boundaries. Opt-in is the opportunity to say no and choose not to participate in something that does not appeal to you.

Growth Edge

However, we are here to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones! A growth edge is a boundary we've set to keep ourselves comfortable. It's not something we find immoral or is against our ethics, but rather something we may not fully understand. Fear of public speaking is a pretty common growth edge, and we encourage events that put people in an environment to,well... grow!


Our ethos is our code. The rules and boundaries we set, and the reason why we do what we do. It is our purpose, our dharma. The only way to define our ethos is to create a vision of where we want to go, and designing both a path and space for that vision to come into fruition.


Does the caterpillar know it will become a butterfly? Does it feel a sense of envy when it sees its fellow insects transform into their best selves? Experience house is transformative, but not in anyway we can really describe. As organizers we are even being pushed beyond our growth edges. We find ourselves opting in to experiences that sync with our ethos.

Coliving Experience

Most define the term coliving quite simply; shared space with shared amenities to save resources. Gui Peridex says Community = alignment - differences. We take things much further when we use the term coliving experience, as this refers to the result of intentional living. By curating attendees, designing multifunctional space, and injecting comunal programming, the alchemy that is a community feeds our soul and yields something magical. It's quite hard to articulate this one, it's better if you see it for yourself at our next Coliving Experience House.

Yes And...

This one is fun, it's kind of a power shift, a liberation from the tyranny of the or. For example, I can either eat my cake or my croissant vs eat my cake AND my croissant. It's mostly used in reframing certain situations or challenges. When some one wants to build a profitable business and stick to their principals around global impact, as another example. We use it here to provide alternative perspectives that indicate that point A is true, and point B can also be true.

Double Tap

Do you like what some one shared? Is this something you would "double click" on if you saw it online? It's a signal to say while in a group conversation, I agree with what was just said, and want to reemphasize how important it is.

Through Line

What is the connection between these two points? Why does this matter to us? To identify the through line is to identify the reason why we are doing something. What is the cause and effect relationship, how do these two variables relate to each other? What is the unifying idea?

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