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Nomadic At Our Core

Our Story

Get to Know Us

We began our project in 2017, on the little island of Koh Phangan in the gulf of Thailand. A paradise for both travelers and expats from all over the world to live a life many only dream of. It was a place of real incubation, a bubble filled with events and workshops on everything you can imagine. There we developed the idea of a Cospace; a hotel for remote workers (digital nomads) where they could stay for extended periods with full access to our Coworking spaces, restaurants, and calendar of community events. We had 3 locations, but ultimately, Covid-19 had other plans for us. 

During the Pandemic, it became clear that we needed to reimagine our practice of gathering humans safely. With the desire to develop our craft, we helped launch Experience House. XH invites leaders in the realms of human connection and experience design for one-month residencies around the world. From festival producers to spoken-word poets, architects to musicians, CEOs to experiential designers — we united multi-disciplinary leaders shaping culture through the power of experiences. The result? Magic.


Now, we’re set on expanding on our learnings. Through our events designed for distributed teams, we are asking ourselves how can we facilitate better connection? How can we build more communities? What are the epicenters of growth we’ll see tomorrow? What are the factors that make an ecosystem ideal for human thriving?


Our Mission

We’re not here to hold your hand, but rather, build you the tree house of your dreams. It’s a container for your imagination, a book with empty pages, a way to experience life that can not be foretold, only witnessed.

We believe the more you try and control, the less you are open to receive. Like a child, we approach life with unabridged curiosity, and a lust for exploration. How do people work? Celebrate? Mourn? How are we different? Or better yet, how are we the same?

Nomadic6 is on a mission to build communities in spaces designed for human thriving.

We do this through radical immersion; the concept of transplanting people into ecosystems we create.

The result? Life changing paradigm shifts, new perspectives, and a cross-pollination of experience.

Our Vision

Growth comes from challenges. Like the roots of a tree, the more wind it faces, the stronger it grows. We believe with the right setting and intention, no challenge is too complex to solve when people are able to thrive.

The Future

Our pop up trips are a sandbox where we experiment. By bringing different people together for extended periods of time, we’re learning how people navigate conflict, innovate on their ideas, exchange services and ultimately, build community. One day, we hope to bring this to a permanent home where larger communities can tap into our ecosystem. 


Our Values

Kill Them With Kindness

Treat everyone like you work for them. There is no hierarchy, only different members of the team, partners, and contributors. We each have our roles that are dependent on each other. We ask each other for help or clarity without fear of rejection. There are no bad questions.

Proactive Pragmatism

We are proactive by nature, to minimize our risks. Assumptions lead to miss communications and oversights. We continually ask ourselves: What could I be doing to improve my skills? To contribute to the company? What am I not seeing? How does this decision affect the overall mission of the company? What coaching should I seek or can I provide?

Connect Deeper

We care for each other and our customers. We always seek to go beyond the transaction. The best business relationships form from deep friendships or connections. How are we supporting each other outside of task management? How comfortable are we sharing stories? What can we do in our daily actions that says “we got you?”

Radical Feedback And Communication

We are not afraid to receive feedback, nor share it. We encourage over communication. All channels are open at all times to any team member within our mutually respected boundaries. We use non combative communication techniques that identify the situation, share how it affects us, and a request to change.

Work To Live

This is a lifestyle business. We’re here to change lives, and we should lead by example. We work hard and play harder. Are you clear on your goals and your vision for your life? How does this line up with ours?

Boundaries And Self-Care 

Respect the play, respect the space. We do not encourage 24/7 lines of communication. We do encourage the “no.” When we are off the clock, notifications are silenced, and requests are made within the appropriate windows. Within our sacred time, we sharpen the saw, or, nourish our minds and body. What are you doing daily that encourages self care?

Equality And Equity

This is a team of interdependent world class talent. A company is only as strong as its most inexperienced member. The boat won’t move if we aren’t rowing it together, equally, and in rhythm. If you’re an A player, we’ll keep score and share in your victories. We reward heavily, and share losses together.

Play Devil’s Advocate

Question everything, poke holes in it. We want to be rock solid in our offers, systems, team dynamics, and operations. We try to see everything from an outsider’s perspective with the utmost skepticism.

Community Connection

We are a community that builds communities. Each new connection could change our lives. Whether it’s for a month, a year, or a lifetime, everyone has something to contribute to the story. We are excited when new people enter our circles, and we are grateful for the experience when people leave.

Persistant Résilience

The slogan “press on” has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. The only way we fail is if we give up. When things don’t go our way, we learn, adapt, and overcome. There is no place for anger or frustration here, only growth minded individuals doing the best they can, consistently, over time. Incremental gains compound to great success.

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